A commodity is a mobile product or raw material with a predefined market price, often but not always determined in an exchange market, which varies by its defined quality, place of delivery and time of delivery which may be exchanged with other similar goods produced by a different manufacturer in order to optimize costs and quality. Often commodities are originated from earth’s surface by mining or agriculture and at that stage they cannot be called commodities as their value, when still in the ground, may not yet be defined. Raw materials to become commodities have to be dug out of the ground, enriched, refined, packed, transported and traded for use in the next step of the supply chain. But in today’s world, once utilized, the trading cycle is not over, some commodities may then be used by the final customer and then disposed of, re-collected, sorted out and used again through re-cycling. Our goal is to create a full cycle in the supply chain from trading ores to primary commodities to recycled secondary commodities minimizing risk, maximizing service and avoiding wastes. Our return is not originated through price speculation but rather our objectives are to make use of the financial instruments available to mitigate all risks be it price fluctuation, transport, storage, pre-financing or credit. Our starting point is with base metals aluminium, copper and zinc being some of the few recyclable commodities we manage the supply chain of these raw materials into their full cycle adding no more value than what essentially required through servicing needs of suppliers and end users.